First Video: Artistic Liberty

This is my first video: Artistic Liberty.
(Constructive criticism welcome.)

Really good! How llong have you been throwing?

I’ve been yoyoing for maybe 10-11 months now.

Nothing bad to say but I would like to see more trick elements. Seems like all your tricks are very similar with incorporating roll movements. Try using some slacks or other trick elements to give your tricks diversity. Your really smooth overall.

Thanks. I’ll take that into consideration.

OH MY GOD ARE YOU A LEFTY? :o or is the video just flipped? but anyways, great throwing. It was smooth, flowing and awesome!



Yes, I’m a lefty. Is that wrong?

Nothing wrong with that man. I’m a lefty thrower too

I’ve never seen anybody throw lefty before.

Really?! I’ve seen plenty of lefty yoyoers out there when I sit around watching random yoyo videos on Youtube (which I do often). A perfect example:

A great video of a great lefty yoyoer.

Really liked that flowy bit at :55.