First unresponsive yo-yo?

(JayVee) #1

This question came to me as I was playing with my Butterfly. What was the first yo-yo manufactured to be unresponsive? I don’t mean a yo-yo that CAN be made unresponsive. I mean a yo-yo that is actually designed to be unresponsive.


Well, the yoyo has been proven to be played down to 500 B.C. I suppose that one maker of them could have made one too wide and didn’t know what he really did, aside from a mistake. But the first modern one, I haven’t a clue.


in comp or ever made??


I think he means modern made to be unresponsive. Heh.


I thought it was YYJ who made the first unresponsive yoyo. I forget the name but i think it was released in 2000.


Wasn’t it something like Spinfaktor?


Yeah, i think so.


Unresponsive play was a side-effect of pad response, as I understand it, which became popular with the Freehand 1.
Technically, the SpinFaktor didn’t have response. Just the holes from the mold. So… Maybe. But I think the general idea was that you would slip a pad in there.