Some yoyo innovation questions

So who invented the unresponsive yoyo, and what year was in first used I competition? Also, when was horizontal yoyoing first seen? Who did it?

What other ground breaking yoyo techniques can you think of?

Unresponsive yoyoing was basically the result of responsive yoyos response wearing out. Over time, players found advantages to this and utilized it.
Horizontal yoyoing is a bit tough to say as technically the “UFO” is respectively a horizontal trick and I’m not sure when that trick was created. As for string tricks, earliest I can find is sideways brain twisters in 98.

Unresponsive play really started developing around 1999. In contests binds were not permitted for compulsaries which were a vital element of getting to finals in major contests so players still needed to manage response. By 2001 it became a significant part of contests and by 2002 it was standard in 1a. Ironically it wasnt until 2006 that yoyos were sold unresponsive stock.

Yup, brain twisters 98.

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I remember people saying the superyo renegade was sort of the start of unresponsive yoyos. I don’t know from personal experience that’s just what i have heard.