First Time at Worlds.

I am going to worlds this year. I picked up yoyoing as a hobby for me in December 2011 and it really has kicked of. I am going to worlds on the last two days. It will be my birthday on the third. I am super excited. I will alone with no parents. I will turn 14 on the 3rd. Who will I hand out with and what will I do, besides the obvious. I am also saving money for worlds to buy stuff from companies booths. Does anyone know which companies will be there and any help would be appreciated for a person who has never gone to a contest before.

This is a nice coincidence! Like you, I started throwing in December, (therefore it’s my first time at Worlds too), and like you I’ll be going for the second and third days. :slight_smile:

As far as who you’re going to hang out with, try to find various people on the forums to look out for. You can start with me if you want. :slight_smile:

As far as what you do goes, there seems to be a lot on. I’ll try to have a look at everything that’s on while I’m there - mod contests, stalls, workshops, various spintop/diabolo events… There’s a lot to fill the gaps where there’s nobody performing. I’m also taking part in the string trick ladder - you may want to think of that if you haven’t filled in your registration yet. (You could always email them asking to sign up for it on top).

hang with me bro!!! i will sing you happy birth day in front of everbody on the stage, oh and my hair is short and im sorta of a kid so watch out for me