First release from YoYoBrothers – The Heritage!


The YoYoBrothers Heritage was designed to be the best yo-yo money can buy. That’s not a shot or trying to take away from ANY of our yoyo manufacturing friends, but let’s face it… We have A LOT of yoyo’s! We wanted to create a yo-yo that you would be proud to have in your collection and thrilled to compete with on stage. After owning so many different designs, we KNOW what makes a good yoyo, and this is it! Speed, Stability, and Insane Spin Times!

The Heritage is the first release by YoYoBrothers, and sure to be a collectors item! The first run will be a limited release, and may be the only time we see this unique design.

The Heritage shape combines comfortable organic curves with an open catch zone and perfect width. The amazingly balanced weight distribution makes for a very versatile and stable yo-yo with a speedy long lasting spin that handles fast directional changes with ease. Whether you’re playing relaxed, patiently forming new tricks, or blazing through contest freestyles, this yo-yo is built to perform on every occasion!

Don’t miss out on this HISTORIC release, only at YoYoExpert on December 28th @ 8PM EST!

(Spinworthy Glen) #2

Aside from the great colours, I’m struggling to see what’s so ‘unique’ about this yoyo.


I’m struggling to believe you expect a serious answer to your post. But who knows, maybe I’m wrong.


If you have to say “aside from the great colors” then you’re already acknowledging something about it is unique…

But, i’d have to say it’s the weight distribution and performance - This yo-yo plays way different than you would expect from looking at it. It feels fast and nimble with a surprisingly powerful spin, really fun throw.


You can say that about a lot of throws nowadays.

Not bashing on YYBs at all though, it seems like a nice design, and to be completely honest, it’s really hard nowadays to make anything really “unique”


It’s about making great yoyos. Are we really that concerned about the use of the word unique? If it weren’t unique enough for me, I would just pass on it without pointing it out.


The blue one! :slight_smile:


Noted. I’ll try to use ‘unique’ less in the future guys. ::slight_smile:

(Spinworthy Glen) #9

It’s quite true that a yoyo can look ordinary but have an excellent weight distribution. It could well be much better than it looks. I should have probably kept my thoughts to myself on this one. Fast, powerful and fun sounds great.


Will any more YYB Heritage be released into the wild in the future?


As yoyo collectors, we wanted the yoyo to be collectible, so there are not plans to re-release this model. Our next non-unique titanium bi-metal will hopefully be releasing soon though!