New Company Alert! Check Out The YoYoTrap HELIUM!

YoYoTrap is a brand new up-and-coming yo-yo company run by Krisztian Kaluzsa. They are just a small company doing some great things and after throwing their first yo-yo we are officially a fan! This is the Helium!

As the name implies, the Helium has a nice floaty and laid back feel when you want it to, but with its light weight and concave h-shape profile it can change gears to super fast and maneuverable whenever you want! This concave h-shape really amps up stability and maneuverability while the multi-stepped cup design and weight distribution gives it that nice floaty feel with excellent spin time. Add in a CBC Center Trac bearing and an amazing grind finish and you have the ideal throw for fast horizontal play, smooth slacks, and everything in between!

That is probably the best thing about the Helium, it does’t just cater to one style. It isn’t just a really stable long spinning yo-yo, it isn’t just a really fast and maneuverable yo-yo, it doesn’t just have amazing weight distribution and a comfortable feel. It has all of those things! There’s really no “getting to know you” period with this yo-yo, just pick it up and you will instantly feel comfortable throwing your toughest combos.

The YoYoTrap Helium is an unbelievable first design and we cannot wait to see what this new company will do next!

That looks amazing. Yet another yoyo has been added to my extremely extensive wish list. :stuck_out_tongue:

you d totally add this to the page