Finger mounted yoyo de-tangler idea


Basic idea is to take the Takeshi dice idea and slim it down and attach a band so you can put it on your throw finger.

They make some pretty small bearings - like the ones people use instead of kendama beads (although those might be too small), and with 3D printers, I think this might be a neat idea.

Anywho, I did not do any research to see if someone has done this before; just putting the idea out there to see if someone with a more appropriate skill set wants to take the idea and run with it.


Great idea! Very smart avoiding two things, string tension(hate it) and purple fingers


I posted a similar idea back a while ago for something you put between your finger and the end of the yoyo that does the same thing. People told me they used to do it all the time with swivel things used for fishing. I like the looks of yours better. If you do ever end up making something, you need to have some type of covering on it or made of a material that is soft enough to not scratch up the yoyo when the yoyo hits the device.


I don’t really have the appropriate skill set, the time, or the willingness to do the research to see if someone can sue me ;D… so I figured I’d put the idea into the public domain.


Fishing line swivels were used at one time. Mostly just a cumbersome addition IMO.



While this is a good idea and well designed, all it is going to do is take away your feeling of the yoyo on the string which is a crucial component of yoyoing IMO. It’s also putting a lot of effort into solving an issue that’s not exactly a major problem (adjusting your tension every few throws is pretty easy and takes < 3 seconds).

(DOGS) #7

As well, plenty of players know which tricks add and subtract tension. This makes it easy to maintain a relatively neutral tension indefinitely. For sequences that build a lot of tension at once it’s enough to slap a sidewinder into the bind.

It takes some restraint to not over-engineer around “problems” that over time can be reduced to nothing more than the predictable behavior of an interactive medium.