Finger Grind

I’m right handed, so I throw a breakaway and then I’m stuck. I want my yoyo to land on my right hand pointer finger, but it’s not spinning in the right direction. It’s spinning the opposite way of my finger. How do I make it spin against my finger?

Are you throwing the breakaway correctly? If you are, it should do a grind just fine (depending on the yoyo). Also don’t hold your hand that you are trying to catch it on at too much of an angle or it will just fall off.
What yoyo are you using? It may not have a good finish for them.

By throwing it in a direction which will spin it against your finger.
If you are right handed, throw the yoyo to your right and it will spin that way.
Make sure you hold the yoyo correctly i.e not reversed.

I’m using the Shutter Yoyo


I think he is trying to do a finger Grind, not a finger spin.

It takes some practice to get the angle of your throw hand right.
From a breakaway, you should be able to hop it up onto your finger.

You can also throw a trapeze and then slide it down the string onto position on your throw hand.
This is helpful because you can keep it from running away on you.

Lastly, a good thing to think of once you start landing them, is how to control the tilt.
By angling your hand toward and away form your body, you can control tilt and make it spin longer.

Make sure to throw like this.

Nice bind!