Finding time to practice

I don’t really practice. I just have a butterfly with me and whenever I find myself standing around waiting I’ll get it out and throw some stalls and STMs and stuff.


I always have at least 2 yo-yos in my pocket. Something unresponsive and usually a fixie. I just play anytime I can/want. I usually try to leave for work about a half hour early so I can throw for 20 minutes in the parking lot before I go in, throw on my breaks, any time I have to wait for anything.

Also, what Ed said about play, not practice is very apt. I’ve never thought of it as practice. I don’t yoyo to get better. I yoyo because it’s fun and meditative. I just happen to get better because i’m always playing.

You can’t take it too seriously. It is a toy after all.


I want to compete next year. I really do love all the replies that i have gotten. I play alot when I have the time. I just need to set times now to practice.


That’s valid for sure. I suppose, if you want to take it serious, you should. Who am I to say?

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I yoyo when I have downtime at work. Most of the time that means outside which is usually nice, but it’s so hot right now I haven’t been throwing as much. I have a 5 year old, a 3 year old, and a 5 month old. When I’m at home it’s family time, but sometimes on the weekend if I’m not busy during nap time I will throw.


real winners just learn to sleep less. bam! time managed :muscle: