So, i few days ago i picked up my echo after a few months break. I started out with the easy stuff then got to the more advanced stuff. Before I had “stopped”, i couldn’t do a double or nothin’. Then, when i tried it, I nailed it. i was super exited. That trick was the only reason i couldn’t progress. Just thought i had to get that out. ;D

Congrats! Its always great landing a tough trick after a short break! That’s how it was for me with boingyEboing!

Just keep throwing. Good for you, man!

Good job! By the way, shouldn’t this be in the “I Finally Landed It!” thread?

I didn’t know there was one.

Great job! The Echo is a great yo-yo. However, if you just now learned double or nothing, should you even be using an unresponsive yo-yo?

He wouldnt be using one if he didn’t know how to bind

That’s the thing…you still shouldn’t be using an unresponsive yo-yo when you’re just now learning double or nothing. Just because you can bind doesn’t mean that you should use an unresponsive yo-yo. If you use an unresponsive yo-yo too quickly, you may not be able to throw very well. The more responsive, the higher the spin quality of your throw (if you’re just learning).

It’s not exactly true that if you use a unresponsive throw too quickly that you won’t be able to throw well. Many have used unresponsive as their first throw and have advanced even faster that throwers using a responsive yo-yo

Well, I certainly never heard of that happening to anyone before. Well, I guess I can’t argue with you. I mean, everyone has their own way of learning.

It happened to me :wink: my first throw was a Popstar

My friend Tyler had a POPStar as his first throw too. My friend Devyn’s first throw was a G-Funk.