Finally sold! plz archive!

(Pantheon Throws) #1

Completely mint, I’m the first owner, never hit anything but the bottom of the string, ships with everything it came with except bearings. the tiniest bit of string vibe when untuned, but with time and a careful hand, you can nearly eliminate all of it. 340$ USD shipped F&F in the US or Canada.


Why no bearings tho? Should include that it has vibe too

(Pantheon Throws) #3

sorry, posted this in a hurry, and my ceramic smashed, and the konkave is in one of my 30 yoyos somewhere.

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(Pantheon Throws) #4

Need this gone ASAP, plz buy.

(Pantheon Throws) #5

want the raw fulvia just listed on facebook bst! price cut to 300$ shipped F&F until it sells!

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