Finally got my dream and pivot today

I am new to yoyos and I bought a replay and honestly was not happy at all. So I set out to buy x2 new throws but this time jump into unresponsive and metal.

Picked up a Dream and Pivot from a user here. 50 shipped. Almost mint. Tons of extra string. I am learning the bind now which has been hit and miss lol.

I can’t wait to get really good.

I’m glad you like them! Good luck on your yoyo journey! If you need help with anything, let us know.

ohhhh nice dude! I have been wanting a dream for a while now. That pivot looks aaawesome

I noticed the bearing in the dream is a bit loud and has a slight hiccup that you can hear. Not effecting performance at all but I want to get another bearing.

What is the best bearing you can buy on this site.

If you like centering bearings I would go with YYR DS or Difeyo KK. If you want something flat I would go with the NSK. All are very good in my experience.

I will be honest after playing with other throws the aluminum dream imo is my favorite of the 2. I feel the bearing in the pivot does not sleep as long as the dream. I’ve played it my dream for about 2 hours now. I am perfecting a couple different binds

Another vote for DS bearings. I like Pixels too. I have that same red Pivot and I had to swap out the bearing as well. Otherwise, it’s a really fun yoyo, I think you’ll enjoy it. I wish YYF would put them into production, I’d buy another one in a more interesting colorway.

You may want to try cleaning out the bearing first before spending the extra money. You can find many videos on youtube on how to clean a yoyo bearing. Also, I’m surprised you didn’t like the Replay…did you put a non-responsive bearing in it? That’s going to make all the difference in performance.

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^ Yes, and check this out, and remember it’s here!,17792.0.html

Thanks. I’m going to order some thin lube before attempting to clean the bearings

The dream is a great choice