fiesta xx discontinued.??

(mysteriousyoyoer parvarsingh) #1

Is fiesta xx going to be discounted … just asked for when will the colors come in stock they said …(Fiesta XX is out of stock from YOYOJAM right now. They may be already discontinued…)…


Just a heads up that posting names of other yoyo stores is against forum rules, so it’d be best to remove the name of the store from your post before a mod does it for you. :slight_smile:

I think it’s probably worth contacting YYJ directly about the matter. It’s times like this that it would be handy if they had an…

(mysteriousyoyoer parvarsingh) #3

Emailed YoYoJam they said…(No. We have no current plans to discontinue Fiesta XX. We have no idea why they would have told you that. We appreciate that you have contacted us first hand to find out.)