Fiesta, Go Big, Griffin Wing?

I’ve found the threads debating Fiesta XX vs Go Big and I have mixed feelings. I’ve never thrown 4A before so I like the idea of a thinner gap and rubber rims, but more people seem to like the Fiesta.
I’ve heard nothing about the Griffin Wing, but the price is right and the adjustable gap sounds good, so I’d like to hear what all of you think.

I have all three. I like the Fiesta XX the best.

But if you wanna start out cheap, there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with the Griffin Wing, which has big rubber rims/wings. It also has an A-sized bearing, but don’t let that bother you. The caps pop sometimes, so just be warned about that but if you line them up properly, they stick in better.

The Go Big is sweet too, but more expensive.

All three have different shapes, sizes, characteristics. All are competition grade. It comes down to what you like. There’s nothing wrong with starting cheap and working your way up. It doesn’t make sense to spent the really high dollars on 4A(way beyond the Fiesta XX and Go Big prices). As far as starting out, you got 3 good choices in there. You can’t go wrong.

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