Fiesta Bearing?

The Fiesta description says that the yo-yo has a new bearing size. Does that mean that I would have to order a bearing specifically made for the Fiesta if I lose the bearing?

all it is is a size b bearing

You most likely would have to order directly from YoYoJam, JayVee. I haven’t seen that bearing sold at any retailer.

It is most definitely not a B bearing, yoyo jake.

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u shur because i was comparing my matrixx bearing to my friends fiesta and there the same witch is size b its size b

I compared the bearing in my Aquarius (size B) to the bearing in the Fiesta at MoYo. They are most definitely not the same size. The one in the Fiesta is notably bigger.

just contact yoyoexpert if your not sure theyll tell you :wink:

hey guys i think that the bearing is the same size as the ones on the synergy caps if that helps

It could possibly be the X-Large bearing in the Big Yo 2. But, you should probably contact YoYoJam. :slight_smile:

It’s not the same size bearing as the BigYo and is certainly not size B. I’m not sure what size the Matrixx uses, but I would imagine that is size B as well.

I remember Bryan telling me that its the same size as the bearing in a synergy cap. Don’t know what size its called though

Well, on the product page it says 12 x 3.5 x 8 mm, I’m not sure how big that is.

Maybe it’s a size B bearing that’s more thinner overall.

Well if it were “more thinner overall” then it wouldn’t be a size b anymore, would it?