B size bearing

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Does a B size bearing even exist? I’ve seen yoyos with size A and size C but never size B. If it does what are some throws with a B bearing?

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The small YYJ bearing is a B. They are used in the Sunsets and the other looping yoyos. The Auldey yoyos also use them as hubstack bearings


Also Buzz-on used them in some of thier yo’s like the menehune. Also the aquarius used it.


In the real world of bearings they are referred to as being: R168ZZ .250"x .375"x .125"

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i will forever associate the b bearing with:


Heh I forgot the gade…


the aqauruis uses along with sunsets. its a yoyojam small bearing :slight_smile:


Bushido to


unleasheds… by the way anyone know where i can get one? i lost mine


Spintastics also use them.


one question, a few months ago, you told me you lost 2 throws in your room. did you ever find them?

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wasnt me bro.




nope. hahai moved my room around and never found it i guess they werent in ther =)
i think it was a kickside and some other cheap throw

Edit: fixed misquote


Hope you find them… Until you do Rarity will shead tears for your loss…

P.S. This thread made me learn there is more then just A,C, and D bearings.