FHZ vs Hyperwarp heavy wing

I recently used my friend’s Hyperwarp heavy wing, and I liked the simple shape and the responsiveness, so I wanted to see how it compares to an FHZ. I’ve never used an FHZ.

I think they are way different. I have both and prefer the FHZ. I don’t care for the starburst response on the HWHW. I also like the shape of the FHZ better. The HWHW’s sharper edges can get annoying when it comes back hard. I think the FHZ plays a lot smoother and lighter. If you want the FHZ to be responsive, it can easily be done by lubing the bearing.

Fhz plus mod spacers and your done for a very legit unresponsive yoyo.

The hwhw I’m talking about is the new one with the silicone response. I had an old Hyperwarp wing before, it was the narrow one. Thanks so far!

I’m going to have to go with the FHZ on this one as well. It’s an amazing smooth out of this world plastic.

I guess I’m leaning toward the FHZ.

Plus if you ever get bored with it there are many customizations you can do to it.

Shows what I know…
I wasn’t aware that they made a new, different yoyo w/the same name. Looks to be like the FHZ shape-wise at least.

I have both. The hyper warp appears to be a bit wider. The yomega still uses that weird bearing and now has the blue rubber response system. The yoyo is smooth and has long stable spins thanks to the metal weight rings. Not sure why its called the hyper warp heavy wing, it’s totally different from the original.
I’d still prefer the fhz. The bolt and nut system on the fhz won’t crack the plastic with normal use. My yomega already is cracking and I hardly play with it.