FHZ String Slip Fix.


I recently recessed my FHZ but now it have string slip a ton. Anyone know of a fix? It plays awesomely when it doesn’t slip but it slips every 3 or 4 throws.

Any ideas?

The only thing I can think of is to make sure the silicone is even with no part sticking out farther than another.

Agreed. ;D

How close to the bearing did you recess it? I had the same problem with the FH2 I recessed. You have to be careful about the wall near the bearing.


This is the only thing that makes sense so far. Silicone no matter what won’t make your string slip. Only the area around the edge of the bearing. If you got into that a little by sanding or cutting then you will have to have a modder fix it. This fix isn’t all that easy considering you will have to cut the area bigger than it was then fill it with a certain element then recur the bearing recess and the sili recess. Or you could get a thinner spacer on that side.

…What about the string not rubbing the silicone? If the silicone is not at least flush with the surface of the yo-yo then it will slip sometimes for sure. Both possibilities are plausible and would have similar results.

Lets clear this up because I now understand what JM is saying. Is the string slipping and having sloppy binds or is it slipping behind the bearing like I though?

From my understanding, it’s slipping behind the bearing. IMO, the OP would make more sense that way.

Is it possible to fix it by having a modder install an SPR kit? That seems like it would be the easiest way to fix it, if it’s possible.

Anything is possible when it comes to modding yoyos

You could throw an spr kit in it or you could let me do it my personal way! Just repairing the damaged area’s!

Yes, it was bearing slip, not binding.

I might try to get a SPR kit and try to put it in, but anyone know where I can get one? YYN has been sold out for ever and none here.

I think I recessed a little bit to close to the bearing so I just used a lightly thinner spacer and it doesn’t slip as much now, but small gap.

The only problem with spr’ing it is that the back of the spr and the spacers that normally go in that yoyo are different sizes. You will need to cut out that area, fill it with a 2 part epoxy and re-cut it to fit the spr. I do have spr’s and if you want I can do it. For a small fee of course.


So I just take out the silicone, fill it with epoxy and fit to the SPR? I will most likely have you do it…

PMs now.

Thanks for the help guys, thread Locked.