FH1...FUN! This ones for you Old Schoolers! with Bryan Jardin & Sean Perez


Hey guys,

I just started filming and editing… Here’s my third video up on Vimeo. It’s all responsive play with my FH1 yoyo! Hope you all like it, let me know!

I also have two more yoyo vids up on my vimeo account, might post them here next week if you all like this one!


Saw this on another social network, and it was one of the most fun videos (plus cool tricks!) I had seen in a long while. Good work; you should be proud!

Errbody else… you should watch!

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fun stuff… i really like it


That was a pretty awesome video


You guys are too cool for school. I had a lot of fun watching this.




Great video, can’t wait till I get my hands on one of those unicorns.


super fun video! great edit!


Very nice, good stuff!


Thanks for all the positive feedback everyone!