fh mods

what else can you do to free hand 2 to mod it besides siliy recess?? that is within reach of a lathe? ???


anything and everything.

but to be more specific
pad reccess
satin finish
change the bearing seat to fit a large/small
add weights/places to grind
change the shape
like ccthus said almost anything based on ability

how do you mod the shape?

well you can sand it and make it flat rimmed or sand the body and make it less round

You need a lathe

While sanding will eventually change the shape, you will need a lathe to do anything really.

Duncans are fantastic to mod because of their full take apart ability and axle type.

If you don’t know what you can do to mod it, perhaps lookup those above mods in the search to find out what you would like to try out.

thanks helped alot