few tricks i want to share with you

the front combo was filmed last year, the other two were in earlier this year

How are those? plz share your thoughts and opinions on my tricks or you can tell me where I could improve or do better. feel free to tell

ps. how do i embed the videos? I can’t figure out how to :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh what do you know, another really good Asian player haha.

Nice tricks man. Didn’t really see anything that you needed to improve, just keep throwing!

You can’t embed the ‘shorthand’ Youtube links. Copy the full URL address and simply pasting it here will embed it.


Thanks! I’ll modify the body post soon enough :slight_smile:


I have always loved your tricks, very unique and fun style to watch.
Thank you for sharing!

^ ^

Great tricks. I especially like the frontstyle. It seems like almost no one does frontstyle anymore, it’s almost become a lost art.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Nice stuff, man! Very precise and no big superfluous movements. thumbs up