few questions on CLASSIC


first off not sure if i want to get a C3 token or the classic. in you opinion what do you like. I’m open to either and not much preferences. I do want a yoyo to learn how to do some horizontal on are either good for it? At some time i want to get both of them, but right now which should i get?


also i would upgrade the classic if that makes a difference


I would get the PSG. The token is semi-hard to learn on and the PSG beats the classic IMO.
I’d go with PSG.

(Chase Baxter) #4

I personally love the Classic, it’s my favorite non-Werrd yoyo and it’s got a really nice price for it. I would recommend the Classic over the Token and purchase k-pads and a new bearing for the Classic as well. The Token is more of a novelty throw, it is very small making it harder to play. Both are fun yoyos though and their both great! Also, if you’re willing to pay more, the Hour by Werrd is great for horizontal, and it’s only $60.


i cant get an hour atm. i was going to have it be my Christmas throw though, along with my 1 year throw:)


The Token is very undersized and can be hard to throw. It will force you to improve your throw and play. From that perspective, it’s very good.

The Classic is inexpensive yet very good, and even with “full upgrades”(unless you go nutso on the bearing), it still comes out to around $20 max WITH the upgrades. Bigger, heavier, easier to throw, land tricks, forgiving and it won’t hurt so bad when you nick it.

Both have good points and weak points. I wouldn’t compete with a Token, but I would with a Classic.

The person suggesting the PSG:
PSG Gem!! DO clean the bearing though, it will make a big difference. I’m cleaning mine and Terrapin X Dry Play treating it tonight. Better? Maybe. It is an improvement over the original PSG as it is heavier. I bet it would rock hard with a shaped bearing!

If the OP wants a good “beginner throw” for horizontal, DiBase all the way. No question about it. Well, maybe the Magic T5…


I like my Token, but it lacks the “oomph” of my Figure 4 and POPstar and isn’t that great for horizontal. It’s one of my favorites, though.


I love my Token. :smiley: However, if stock, it seems to be lacking potential. Most harder tricks which involve multiple layers of string snap back. If I had the chance to pop a KK in it along with a thinner string, it would be much better I imagine.

The Classic seems pretty good too. A good plastic throw can be very fun to practice on. I was throwing my ONE for about a week, every time just hoping 10 more grams would just appear out of thin air. :stuck_out_tongue: The Classic is already at a good weight, is probably more stable, and may handle harder tricks better than a stock Token.

I just love metal throws. :-X


I agree with the assessment on the Token. I’m cleaning the bearing in my PSG and Token today, but I’m probably going to dive into my stock of bearings and see about putting a KK in Token. It feels like it really wants a concave bearing in it. All my Trifectas are quite literally out at the moment so I can’t mess with those.

The ONE, yeah, I totally want like 10 more grams in there as well as being a bit larger. The Classic handles all of this. Also, in regards to the ONE, which version to you have? The 2012 version plays a touch better than the 2012 model.

For me, as long as the yoyo is fun, that’s really all I care about. I’ve got plenty of One Drops, CLYW’s, Anglam, Positron, high end YYF’s, TI-5 and other stuff considered top of the line stuff. Hand me my Classic set up with a wide bearing and siliconed, and I can be just as content. I really do like metals. But, as long as it’s a fun yoyo for me, that’s sufficient. Since I also play a lot over concrete due to often being out and about, having a plastic readily available is a necessity. I’m just really pleasantly surprised at how well the Classic plays. I thought Adegle kicked some serious butt when they brought out the PSG and the Asteroid, then did better with the newer PSG Gem’s(bring price down and performance up and sweet looks), but the Classic just came and rained in their parade with the Classic. Even YYF’s stackless Grind machine is a great value and wonderful performer, it also helped push down prices while still retaining quality and performance.