Favourite yoyo brand


Favourite yoyo brand


Clyw and yyf (gotta choose 2)

(Spinworthy Glen) #3

And just what do you plan to do with this very interesting information of random thrower’s favourite brands?

There are so many of these kinds of threads.


The 12 Makers that you didn’t list🤓


There are so many good yoyos out there now, I’m guessing anyone’s favorite is a moving target.




Yyf or onedrop


I didn’t think that this many people like one drop


Why not? :))


I’m on the mobile app so I can’t tell but was this a poll?

(yoyobro!) #11

One Drop


That is most interesting that you thought that.

Because I didn’t know anybody didn’t like One Drop

If I packed all my One Drops for an Ocean cruise; the ship would prolly sink. Or at least tilt to the same side my cabin was on.



I like clyw myself but one drop cool to l guess :wink:




Than vote c3


I believe the proper form is “Then vote” :wink:

Yes, I’m playing grammar nazi today…


I like one drop and C3


Last year I realized that a large percentage of my collection, and my favorite yoyos, are either One Drop, or they were machined by One Drop. So for that I’ve got to go with One Drop. Plus OD is pretty much all I buy these days ;D

Besides making amazing yoyos, there are a bunch of great guys that work there too.


I used to be a YYF devotee, and my collection is still largely contains YYF. Lately, though, I’ve been really interested in One Drop. I bought H and O Shape Benchmarks, and would love to get a Kuntosh here in the near future. I really like their company image, and the fact that they’re US-based manufacturing.

(InvaderDust) #20

Note he is on mobile - mobile used have limited features. No “Thank Yous” avalible and no polls it looks like either.

CLYW is my flavor of choice, though I tend to favor their older stuff.