Favorite Yoyo Pic

Okay, rules: You’re only allowed to post one picture per person… just post your fav :smiley:
And a little background of where it is or something would be nice.

I’ll start: This was taken in my backyard during June. I just took the shot and all the blur and stuff came together accidentally, but really nicely IMO.

Oh yeah, and it’s my Fool’s Gold Bassalope… although I can’t detect anything wrong… flawless ano, smooth as my M1…

is it mint?

One of my favorites I have lots more though that I Haven’t uploaded to PhotoBucket yet.

Way to be off topic.

Close… it’s got around 3 pen sized dings kinda… not really dings, but places where the ano was shaved off in a high speed yoyo collision. (Blame NMaster)