Favorite yoyo for tech?

(Ken) #1

Hi, I’ve recently been looking for a yoyo to compliment my kinda fast, techy style of play. Do you guys know of any yoyos that do particularly well in landing specific string hits and have a very powerful spin?

(André Boulay) #2

Just curious - what are you currently throwing or enjoy the most?

Can definitely make good suggestions but its good to know what you like so far also! :blush:

(Ken) #3

I have a very limited number of yoyos in my collection. If I had to choose, I’d probably use my Orca from clyw.

(Ken) #4

Also, I like yoyos with a really unique sound while spinning or yoyos that are on the quiet side when playing with dryer bearings.


Bi-Metal: Bliss or Hummingbird

Mono-Metal: TopDeck or Cadence.


Gonna plug 2sickyoyos here. I love the Blockade so much and some more competitive peeps say that they like it too.


I suggest the Vosun TiPower for speed and tech play. It catches on the string very well and has a long spin time.

(Ken) #8

Gonna need to try some more Vosun throws then haha.


Vosun is underrated. I heard that Terrence Wang’s signature yoyo (Vosun U2 Leopard) is awesome.

(Ken) #10

Yeah I tried it, they got some great budget bi-metals


If I was going to focus on tech, I would probably use my TiRROX. Pure H-shape with amazing balance and stability, and incredibly comfortable in the hand due to all its rounded surfaces.

(Jacob Waugh) #12

How does it play to the FIRROX?


I have no clue myself. I don’t have a FiRROX. Maybe someone else who has both can chime in.


Firrox is great, but more on the faster side

(Jacob Waugh) #15

Well, I have a FIRROX 7075( my EDC) And I am guessing the TiRROX would be like the Hidra?