Favorite undersized and regular sized throw?


I was wondering what are your favorite undersized throw and regular sized i dont care how much they are im just carious?



I have never had an undersized throw before, at least not until now…

just opened my Mystery Box and got the purple/gold POPstar and I love this yoyo.

so my first at present is my most favorite; the weight is just grand for me. had I purchased one I would have gotten the pink but this purple/gold looks great.

while I have many average/regular throws, my Shutter, the Ann Connolly Ed., is my favorite.


thanks for the thread


Favourite undersized: Spin Dynamics Smooth Move
Favourite full-sized: so hard to pick just one. :wink: I’ll go with SPYY El Ranchero


Undersized Yyr Messiah
Full size general-yo KLR