Favorite & least favorite things about the yoyoing/yoyo community?


Good morning Colin,

What would you say your favorite and least favorite things about yoyoing or the community surrounding it? If a genie offered you one wish to change something about the world of yoyoing what would it be?


Favorite is definitely being able to talk to new people. Especially this year, I’ve felt that I’ve had a lot of opportunity to make friends through being more active on Scales, talking on various discords, and being on here. It really has made me realize how much I love this community.

Least favorite is probably all of the judging (not literal contest judging) that goes on. I feel like there’s always so many ignorant statements being made about players, teams, companies, etc., all for no reason. We’re all yo-yo players… why not support each other? :slight_smile:

If I had the chance to change anything (besides that) it’d be to get more people interested in 2A-5A.


I’m guilty of this myself, but it definitely seems like the drop off in interest between 1A and the others is quite large.

Thanks for replying!