Favorite jolly rancher flavor

i personally like apple the best. it’s the most sour of them all.

Cherry because it tastes like licorice

Blue because it’s blue

This for that exact reason.

Apple FTW

Cherry. Not sure why, but it’s the best.

Apple! And it’s not even close…

And I thought you were cool. Hahaha jk

Watermelon??? What’s so great about that???

Semi-related but there was a gas station I used to live near that sold packages of ‘assorted hard candy’ in those clear bags with the red seal on top, the kind you get like 2 for $1.50 or something, and all it was was a bag of jolly ranchers. The candies still had the jolly rancher wrappers on them. Always thought that was silly

I don’t think it would be good if they didn’t have wrappers on them. they would just stick together.

No like they didn’t try and use their own wrapper or anything to try and hide the fact that they were just name brand jolly ranchers

oh, i see.

Off topic: Okay so this is really weird now but your animated avatar is totally synced up with my music right now and its pretty freakin creepy.

It was totally planned. No big deal 8)

Apple! Ain’t nobody got time fo dat watamalawn!


Wassermelonen lolZ


Too true! ;D