Favorite grip to use when throwing?


Talked with a couple friends and it seems to me that there’s a few different interpretations of how to throw a yo-yo, what’s your favorite?

I’m a noob to yo-yoing but so far I’ve been switching between these two:

  1. Traditional-ish Palm up, middle finger in the string gap and other fingers wrapped around the yoyo. I think this is most common even though I suck at describing it.

  2. Palm facing your free hand(i.e sideways for a breakaway throw), thumb in the string gap of the yo-yo, rest of the fingers rest perpendicular to the gap. Hard to explain without visually showing but it uses more wrist to throw than arm.

Any other techniques you either use or may have heard of?


Palm up. Never heard of your #2 method. Most people I see get plenty of wrist action into the palm up throw.


Thumb in the gap and the yoyo resting on the side of my index finger. I’ve been throwing that way for 1A since I started learning 5A.


Ever since I found out about the weird method, of throwing like opening a door handle, I’ve been doing that. Looks more sophisticated.


Yeah I’ve seen that used, kind of makes me thing of shooting a pistol one handed.


Yeah I think that’s similar to the second option


Yes. Those are the two main ways of throwing I believe. #2 is more casual and usually causes bad vibe because of the throw, maybe because I only throw like this when I am lazy. #1 gets the best sleeper and straight throw.


I only throw the #1 way. Not because I think it’s better or anything, but I just can’t get the knack of the “door handle” way without the slipknot sliding around. I have to have the slipknot centered and tight or I get really weird OCD-ish feelings. :wink:

I’ve thrown so little 5A that I’m having a hard time picturing how I throw with a counterweight… but it’s gotta be pretty much how homba described, I would think!


Somewhere in between the two. I always called the door handle a “hammer grip”, but “door handle” is probably more accurate.


Yeah, that’s how I’ve been practicing it, exactly like he described. Kinda like a 5a grip/throw

oooo I got the grip giiiirl


At an angle, like this. My breakaway’s funny, but holding it like this makes it come down straight and hard.


I can never do the 5A grip when playing 1A without having a vibey throw though many yoyoers do it >:(. Only do it in 5A because that’s the only way lol

So yeah, always palm up.


That is very strange… >.<"

But kudos to adjusting your throw! Whatever works, right? :slight_smile:


The first way. That’s the way my dad taught me how to throw a yoyo, and that’s what I’ve stuck to since.

(WildCat23) #15

I throw mine kinda weird. I hold it between my middle finger and thumb with my fingers pretty much parallel to the yoyo. I flick my wrist to throw combined with a normal throw. I get very powerful sleepers. I guess you could say its a hybrid of 1 and 2 with a touch of my own.


Number one. It feels more comfortable and I can throw the yoyo better.

(kclejeune) #17

I throw differently depending on my mood. Any throw works fine for me. I’m usually in kind of a 5a type grip. So hybrid between 1 and 2.


I may try this just to see how it works for me, pretty interesting to see grips that are a combo of #1 and 2 that I mentioned


I hold my yo-yos between my index and middle fingers. When I throw it hard, it gives me a straighter throw with less vibe when compared to the “standard” palm-up throw. It might sacrifice a little bit of spin time, but with today’s sleep machines it doesn’t really matter.

(liviooo) #20

This is the way my dad showed me how to throw it with his old Dragonfly i dug out. I have stuck to throwing like this ever since.