Favorite Delrin Offstring yoyo!

Hey Guys!
So, im finally getting away from Polycarbanate plastic offstring yoyos
and want to look at some nice Delrin ones!

so whats your favorite?
i plan on picking up at least 2!
im looking at
the Windforce, Milkshake, SolarPlus, Whale, Roc, and Pro Wing.

do you guys have any opinions, ideas and suggestions for which one i should get?
if you recommend a yoyo Please explain why?
(also whats your favorite string for offstring?)

Please anyone?


I love my solar! I’ve tried a windforce. It’s light and really bouncy for a delrin yoyo. Whatever you choose, you’ll be happy!

IMO they all play about the same, the roc being the favorite though

I’m not sure if my opinion here really matters as I’ve only used a milkshake out of all the things you mentioned. But It plays quite well. It’s the widest of the yoyos you mentioned (bigger catch zone) and seems to have perfect response. The price is a bit steep though

If price isn’t really an issue though and you’re just looking for an amazing offstring, you might want to check out some japan tech.
I’ve heard the rera is pretty much the best offstring on the market. I saw someone selling a lot of high end offstring stuff a while back, not sure if they ever sold or not. Or I know a place that still has them in stock, albeit a bit overpriced.