Favorite Combo?

Mine is a wrist whip, then your roll, dismount, land in the first step of kwijibo, backwards trapeze & bro slack, finish with a kwijibo hop.

Whats yours?

I like Braintwister stuff. ;D

I start with a trapeze, I go into a bind mount, then I do 1 sidways braintwister. I dismount swinging the yoyo into a ladder mount. I then do my ladder mount GT. I dismount doing the sidways braintwister 2 times. I then go into trapeze and double on. I swing the string around the yoyo once and then do a slack tapeze thing. I instead put my hand into the loop, do a few things, and end up in a mini GT, then into a GT and dismount.

Chopsticks to Half of Kwijybo to Buddha’s Revenge to Infinity Gauntlet.

One that I can’t figure out.
The Jensen Laceration Combo.

Around 1:15