Favorite CLYW cabin tutorials?


My goal is to learn all of them. I have 6 or 7 of them under my belt and I’m looking for what you guys think is the coolest. any suggestions? Also whichever you think are easier or more basic would be much appreciated.

(major_seventh) #2

Classic Yuuki Concepts and Rancid Milk.

The only combos I really enjoy busting out every now and then just for fun. So smooth.

Yeah I guess all the Yuuki stuff. I wanna learn them all someday. If I can get down all of his elements who knows what I’ll be able to come up with!


My favorites are Charles’ cassette tape, Brazilian whips, and Bergy’s Ampu-tee shirt. I’m also really glad that Charles made made the “ring slack” tutorial. Ever since I saw him do it in the Slo-Mo Fools Gold avalanche video, I tried to land it. It’s nice to see what’s actually going on.