Fan types

So I was just on another thread and I was thinking about public throwing, and how certain people act when you yoyo in public.

Figured you seasoned vets have seen all different types and might share for us yoyo fan personalities.

My fav as stated in the other thread was the “creeper”
They try to hide, or act too cool to care… But you see them peeking, they’ll never admit it though…

I like when older people see me throwing in public. They have that expression on their face like, “I never knew a yoyo could do that before” or “what the hell is this guy doing?!” That’s always funny. Haha :slight_smile:

LOL, I love those old people. Sometimes they shake their head and walk away like, “WAYYYYY TO COMPLEX FOR ME” Then they roll their eyes with the, oh you kids look.

There are the overconfident people also. They will look at you and be like: “I could do that. Let me have a try!”, then I let them try and they think it is broken 'cause it doesn’t come up lol.

^ YESS! Thats why I only bring plastics out with me!

Well first we have the classic fan, nice and shiny.

And then the designer fan.

And we also have the handheld fan, very handy.

And here is a ceiling fan, i love these.

Or you may be talking about people, in witch i have completely missed the point…



Don’t forget the handheld motorized ones

And a fan on a hat, those are cool. :slight_smile:

;D :stuck_out_tongue:

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Don’t forget those new-fangled bladeless fans!


That’s probably the best thing posted to yoyoexpert for a very long time, lol!

Where is the Eames fan???

What are those?

Joke. No such thing as far as I know. Charles and Ray Eames were iconic American designers and architects. (ie Eames chair)

My favorite fans are the haters (usually old people) that call you “immature” and “an accident waiting to happen” and then go back to their chairs to wait to yell at someone else, when in reality they are usually just jealous. (I still try to do tricks like McBride Rollercoaster and Boomerang to make them really flip out). ;D