F/S One drop, YYF Prices Lowered Again and AGAIN

  1. G5 555 (70 shipped)
    It is really smooth but I don’t really enjoy the shape. It has 2 scuffs which do not go through ano. I also have the Z stacks that it came with but I have lost the box.

  2. Markmont (70 shipped)
    This is a really smooth player and looks great but I find I don’t play with it very often. It is mint with box.

  3. Yuukiquake 888. (115 shipped)
    This is my 09 888 signature edition of the 2007 world champion Yuuki Spencer. This is a really smooth player and the only damage it has is the ano on the rims has faded VERY slightly. No damage which affects play. This is very limited(only 76 made). I still have the box

No trades unless you have a mint pure or wooly marmot.
I will sell the markmont +g5 555 for 150
I will sell all of them for 270


No need to bump on the same day.

You haven’t updated with pics yet.

I’m not sure how good a response you’ll get if you can’t ship till 8/4 though.

Pics of Yuukiquake

How much did the yuukiquake retail for? because 135 is more than i’ve seen any 888 go for brand new… :-\

My guess is like 120-135. And then you have the pricy international shipping cost.

Yup. Retail is around 130 or above and I live in Hong Kong which makes shipping a big problem.


I think my price is pretty good considering another person sold his for 150 and he did not have to ship it far.

What’s the difference between a 2009 888 and a YuukiQuake 888?

If its a 2009 Yuuki Quake 888, just color.

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Im interested in the 555 but would like some pictures please…

I’m interested in the MarkMont! Pics please! ; ;D

ill do 50 for the g5 if you cant find anyone esle