F/S My Collection - pre 2011 Oldies but Goodies [Price Drop]

Unfortunately I haven’t thrown in many years now and my collection has just been sitting. I figured I’d try to sell them at this point since all they do is take up space.

I do need some help identifying some specifics/details on some without identification markings so if you notice any errors or anything let me know. It goes without saying, I’m not up to date on the current market on these so please send me offers and we’ll go from there. Let me know if you’d like to see more pictures, most of these are in good to great condition with minimal dings.

I’ll be adding prices as I get an idea of what things go for. Prices do not include shipping.

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The Peak is a Sebastian Brock edition. Nice stuff.

@fullnelson G&E in here.


Good call, google failed me on the edition.

Do you know what year you picked up that 888 in?

That’s an 07’ hard coat I think.


First year BGrade’s were available, so I want to say 2010. I might have picked it up at the WYYC that year.

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It could have been manufactured in 2007 but the BGrade’s weren’t sold until later I believe. I think I got it in 2009 or 2010.

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Oh man that synergy is beautiful. Still remember seeing mikhail(i think) shred on that thing. Id make an offer but I have 0 idea how much that would be worth. @vegabomb do you have an idea on that? :joy:


I’d be guessing. I bought mine in a group with a bunch of other yyj’s so it’s difficult to value based on that.

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They sold for ~$50 new, but I always considered it more of a novelty/collector’s item. Not a lot of throws on it to say the least.

My best guess was $50 to $60.

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How much would you let that yoyo case go for?

Not sure, I would like to sell it last ideally since it’s holding everything. Here’s a picture - https://i.imgur.com/AXwNAWm.jpg
The outside is covered in various stickers.

Nice! I’ll give you $20 for it. You let me know if you were thinking more or less.

I’ll buy it, just give me about a week.

Or whenever you’re ready.

That Sebby Peak is nice. I have one or I’d be all over yours.


Peak will likely be gone by tomorrow, if interested get me your best offer ASAP. Added some pics as well.

Sorry, I got a case from someone else…
thanks though.:hugs:

No problem.

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