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Hey Guys, Everything is for SALE and TRADE so feel free to make offers… Each Price INCLUDES Shipping, so the price wont change. I’m mainly looking for CLYW yoyo’s to trde for, but i also put other yoyo’s i’m interested in, heres what i got: (PS, If the deal is right i won’t hesitate adding money into the deal as well as trade multiple yoyo’s for one) ALL TOGETHER THIS WOULD BE $240, BUT I WILL SELL EVERYTHING FOR $160 AND SHIP FIRST THING MONDAY WHICH MEANS YOU WILL GET EVERYTHING IN THIS THREAD AND THE SHIPPING IS INCLUDED!

YYJ Takeshi Matsuura AI:
-No Box

[u]CLYW Fishy Fire Edition SB Bassalope:[/u]GONE
-Two Little Scuffs
-A Barely Noticeable Wobble
-Original Box
-A KK Bearing


YYF 2010 Green Acid Wash SEVERE:GONE
-Rim Scuffs (DOES NOT affect the play at all)


YYF Yellow Protostar:
-Like New
-Plays Smooth
-No Packaging
-Still not sure if i wanna give this up (but if the right deal comes along…lol)

u Yellow Loop 720’s:[/u]

And thats pretty much it, all of them play extremely well and theyre all really smooth. so here’s what im looking for:

-CLYW Peak
-CLYW Sasquatch
-CLYW Wooly Marmot
-SPYY Punchline
-SPYY Pistolero (Red of Blue)

Again, I’m also willing to trade multiple yoyo’s for anything on my list if it catches my eye. And to sweeten the deal, I’ll even be willing to add cash in top of a multiple trade if the right deal comes along. All prices on the yoyo’s include shipping as well, so there wont be any unexpected price raises on these yoyo’s… so there you have it! OFFER AWAY!


I want the Severe.


Bump! Revised!


how about the first edition campfire for bassalope


No Thanks.


i have a mint g5 with clear stacks and dark magic if you wanna trade somthin mainly for severe and also the g5 comes with rainbow stacks


I WANT SEVERE!!! I Have a 2009 classic edition 888 with rim repair so its silver and like 9 dings but it doesnt affect play at all and i took the stacks off it plays SUPER SMOOTH

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