BAY's BST: CLYW, General-yo, ILYY, YYF, and many others.

Welcome to my BST. I’m looking to sell, but I am willing to trade.
For trades I’m looking for

  • C3
  • Werrd
  • Anti-yo

But feel free to offer anything. Worst I can do is say no.


Caribou Lodge Campfire- Near mint in box. Small dings. Great pocket yoyo. $65

General-Yo Hatrick- Two dings, shown in picture. Super smooth. Made in the USA. $70

ILYY Void- 1 ding. Comes with the pouch and pin. Smoothest yoyo I own. $65

YYF Winston Superstar- Comes with box. Dings on the rims. $80

Ten Yoyo Decapod- Super small scratches on one rim.
Comes with the artwork, Blue custom string and throw it forward yoyo. $70

H-Spin Envy 64- Beat. Slippy. Small vibe. $25
Foxland Precision Thunder Wasp- Small amount of dings. Underrated yoyo. $40
YYF VK California- 3a scuffs. $30
YYJ Jamboo- Vibes. Cleaned rims. Classic yoyo. $45

PM me if you’re interessted.