F/S CHEAP BIMETALS Dutchman & Promotion

Hey what’s up fellow throwers, I am thinning out my collection and am hoping to re-home some really great playing throws.

DISCLAIMER- All of these Yoyos have been played extensively and have been very-very- well loved by myself. Some have some damage, and may not be smooth on the fingernail. Damage will be listed accordingly, as well as photographed. Smoothness will be listed, but keep in mind, smoothness is very subjective. All of these Yoyos still play great. All Yoyos comes boxed in their OG Box or in a random yoyo box. Feel free to inquire about it if you’re curious. Boxes will be shown in Photos. When I say “Light Damage” I mean some small scratches or dings that are hardly noticeable.

Shipping will be CONUS and Canada only. SHIPPING FEE IS $5.00 per box shipped.


Payments can be made via Paypal, Venmo, or Apple Cash Transfer. Payments need to be made before shipping, so the $ can cover shipping fee.


All inquiries (preferably serious) can be made via PM on the forums, or my Instagram page via PM @ bf_throws .
Any questions regarding the throws can be asked below in post replies.
Any additional pictures or videos can be requested via PM.

Without further ado the throws for sale are as follows.

  • Unprld x Top-Yo- Antidote: Near Mint, finger nail vibe, dead smooth on string, plays insanely fast and light, stable enough but tilts as rpms decrease.$5 add on with larger purchase.
    image image

  • Top-Yo- Silenus: Needs to be tuned, currently has fingernail vibe, some damage. Plays really smooth. A reluctant mover, but spins true and very stable. $15obo

  • Top-Yo- Colossus IV: Near Mint, Smooth. A bit on the slow relaxed side, but is decently stable, and is a great work horse for working on new tricks. $20obo

  • CLYW- Metal Yeti: Some light damage near the rims, smooth. Slow and relaxed, powerful and stable. Such a good throw. No pin or sticker. $40obo

  • C3 Yoyo Design- 1st Gen Token: Light damage, dead smooth. This is a badass little pocket yoyo. These are discontinued and are out of production. Plays a little heavier than the new version, but spins longer and is much more stable. $30obo

  • Bread N Butter Co. - Flying Dutchman: Light damage, Some tunable finger nail vibe. This is THE budget competition throw. Plays exactly how you would want a competition throw to play. Fast, nimble, powerful, stable, spins forever. $40obo


  • 2Sickyoyos- Promotion: NMIB (Plastic Tube), Light scratches on SS rims. Smooth. Such a good yoyo, plays kinda heavy, but is immensely powerful, stable, and long spinning. $65obo


Man, I really enjoyed your insight reading through the descriptions. I’m a noob to yo-yo but have gone deep nerd on other topics; game recognize game, bro :wink: GLWS

Don’t wanna seem like that guy but your selling some of these yoyos for full retail price. Like the antidote and phidias. Even if you only threw them a few times its still used so it should be cheaper. Tbh with the phidias, unless you want that colorway that much and are willing to pay more for it, I would be losing money. Considering that if I were to buy it from yoyoexpert shipping would be free.

Edit: I apologize if I caused you to lose sales. But revisiting your thread and looking at your new prices I have to say they are amazing. If I was looking for any of these throws or was just looking to pick up a new one, I would buy from this man in an instant.


Let the man charge what he wants if it should be lower you can message him about it…


It’s none of my business what anyone charges, I just thought that I would point that out and give my 2 cents


Noted. I intended to put OBO, indicating all prices are negotiable, next to each price but I see I’ve missed some. Nevertheless, I appreciate the input. I priced the Phidias that way because this specific colorway is no longer available, to my knowledge. Regardless, all of the prices are (or will be) OBO.


Also, my OG post stated that the $7 minimum shipping fee rate was included in the prices. Ive made that a little more clear in the latest edit. Thanks again for your feedback.


Thanks for being open minded and listening to feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

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Post work bump.

30min into Thursday bumpasaurus rex

Stealth, Winglet, Banshee SS, and Hummingbird sold. Still some good stuff left, don’t sleep on the astraea or the covenant!

Prices lowered. Bump.

Selene sold!

Bump. Still got some gems here.

Bump! Astraea Traded. Dove, Phidias, and breeze all sold. Couple more good ones here. Promotion is no joke, such a good laid back bimetal. Covenant is a beast, just has a little love mark from a glacier up here in Alaska.

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I bought more than one he gave me a good deal, and it was still cheaper than retail by quite a bit including shipping.:wink:

Bump. Prices dropped, but the rest for $170 shipped ASAP. Promotion, Covenant, Dutchman, and Metal Yeti still need homes.

Will accept trades.

Looking for a Duncan Orbital GTX, Mk1 Contact, Project Y, Many C3 Yoyos but most of all a finger spin, Pdx Batsquatch, peregrine, top yo dominator & bizzare, yyf edge infinity, anything OHyesYo, g2 life & gbp, onedrop cascade & prescription, spyy punchline, sengoku samurai, gen yo mini star 2, yyf American & kapital & element & damage & grind machine (metal stacked)& bimetal superstar, spin time el presidente, slim dunk, sf movement, motive, bliss /bliss es, unprld cognition, yo tricks ethos, I yoyo bimetals.

Bump. Take it all for $150