EZO Gold bearings by Taka


Just wanted to see what people thought about these bearings
I’ve heard they shut down on you (lock up)
I am armed and ready with a can of compressed air lol.
But yeah, I just wanna hear what other people think about em’
They sound sweet so i ordered one, but if i don’t like it, i still have a dif-e-yo concave


If you play for a long amount of time consistently, they get shot pretty easily.

Take breaks, and lube often. That should make them last much longer.

(JM) #3

They can be the best bearings you’ve ever played, or the worst from what I’ve heard. I played one at worlds and it was absolutely amazing!


How long is
“A long amount of time” in your eyes?


About 3 hours is what Yosshi told me.


Lol this is just me but
I’d shoot myself if i had to play that long
Not that i don’t like yoying its just
I wouldn’t ever play for that long, maybe 1 hour.

(Gorrilla_YO) #7

I have to try these out…


I have never had a problem with them My story for them is that at Worlds, I entered in the Buddha King sleeper challenge (pull start). I took up a b-grade 888 with these on the hubs. I placed third behind Taka and someone else who both had MODDED yo-yos (also with these bearings in them)

(Zer0) #9

how long was your sleep with the hubs?


I got to the 7 minute mark