EZO Gold bearings by Taka

Just wanted to see what people thought about these bearings
I’ve heard they shut down on you (lock up)
I am armed and ready with a can of compressed air lol.
But yeah, I just wanna hear what other people think about em’
They sound sweet so i ordered one, but if i don’t like it, i still have a dif-e-yo concave

If you play for a long amount of time consistently, they get shot pretty easily.

Take breaks, and lube often. That should make them last much longer.

They can be the best bearings you’ve ever played, or the worst from what I’ve heard. I played one at worlds and it was absolutely amazing!

How long is
“A long amount of time” in your eyes?

About 3 hours is what Yosshi told me.

Lol this is just me but
I’d shoot myself if i had to play that long
Not that i don’t like yoying its just
I wouldn’t ever play for that long, maybe 1 hour.

I have to try these out…

I have never had a problem with them My story for them is that at Worlds, I entered in the Buddha King sleeper challenge (pull start). I took up a b-grade 888 with these on the hubs. I placed third behind Taka and someone else who both had MODDED yo-yos (also with these bearings in them)

how long was your sleep with the hubs?

I got to the 7 minute mark