Extra parts

Hey guys just wanna ask a random question when getting a new YOYO do you get replacements parts like bearings or pads so that you have them ready when you need to replace them I tend to do that with everything I order for my bike

I generally order extra pads. Never had to replace a bearing in a new yoyo so I don’t order them.

Some Yoyos do some don’t. I think only 3 out of my 11 yoyos had extra parts and only one has an extra bearing.

As a default no. Some do though.

If I know that it comes with a bad bearing/slippy pads I do.

I think he’s asking if you order extra stuff, not if the yoyo comes with replacement parts.

I think the OP is asking if you order extra parts when you order a new yoyo. Not if the new yoyo comes with extra parts. :slight_smile:

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It never hurts to be prepared.

I think all the major manufacturers have pretty much perfected pads at this point, so they tend to last a very long time, but still, they might not be in stock when you finally need to replace them, and shipping is expensive.

I’ve had quite a few yoyos come with faulty bearings.