Experimental Laziness Tutorial by Rethinkyoyo

A tutorial I’ve been looking forward to releasing for quite a while is finally here.  The trick was debuted on the “Rethinkyoyo 1YEAR” video back in July, and it’s one of my personal favorites.

Let me know what you think of the trick, if you learn it, and if you need any help with it.  Once again, there’s plenty more on the website, www.rethinkyoyo.com

I gotta learn this trick. It looks awesome. :slight_smile:

as always u never fail to please. keep up the amazing work

Can you do 5A tutorials ??? ???

Great! Go for it. Thanks man :slight_smile:

Thanks so much dude. I’ll be working on it.

I have tried to do 5a and always failed to come up with anything good (or even learn anything past “bee-sting”), so I really wouldn’t have anything to add to the 5a scene. Sorry dude.

I’ve recently started watching your tutorials. I also know you from youtube, if you remember, I was the one about to get a Dark Magic II. I ended up getting the NorthStar and it’s amazing! I also ordered a DV888 2 days ago and it hasn’t arrived yet! >:( I wanted to show my friends today but I’ll have to wait until Monday. :’(

Oh yeah, hey man, great to hear from you. If the Northstar is anything like the Protostar (and ummm… it is), then that is definitely a superb yoyo. Glad you’re enjoying it haha

Yeah, it’s great! One of my friends here has a ProtoStar and I’ve used it and I didn’t like it as much as my NorthStar. My DV888 came and I love it! It feels so cool to do finger grinds and stuff.
Yeah, that trick is sweet. I can’t throw very good breakaways so I haven’t tried it yet. I don’t know why but I have difficulties throwing breakaways… :’(