Experiment 626 - New YoYoExpert Tutorial featuring Tylor McCallumore!

Very excited to introduce an all new tutorial video featuring Tylor McCallumore of Team YoYoJam and his new Diamondback!

Let us know what you think!

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if the new tuts which you are hinting about are like this one… id probably cry and hug you…

That’s a great trick. I have got to learn it, but it looks hard.

I like the format of the video. The second part from the end when the entire trick is done very slowly without stopping looks like it’ll be quite helpful.

Who doesn’t love a good trick named after a Disney character

very nice!!!

That was an awesome tutorial! Too bad it’s a bit too hard for me, but I’ll work up to it

A very well made tutorial indeed! Loved the fancy YYE intro as well.

I thought it was very well laid out. The fact that he went through it step by step, then slowly, then fast again, along with the multiple angles, made it very easy to follow. :slight_smile:

awesome awesome stuff, really adds a refreshing quality to tutorial vids. im curious to know what camera was used.

I kinda wish they made the video mirror oriented; reversed so we could see how it’s done for righties

Still learnable tho


I like the new videos.

My suggestion is to add arrows to the video to show exactly what you are talking about and super-slow motion for the parts that are fast. Miggy does this in most of his videos at http://www.definitiveyoyoing.com. I think this is a very effective way to show exactly what is going on. It may take a little longer to create the tutorials but it is worth it.

Just my 2 cents.


My thoughts exactly

Thanks for all the great feedback everyone! Lot’s more to come! :slight_smile:

We used a few different Canon cameras - including a 7D and 6D.

Those tutorials are so good. The arrows and highlighted line segments and pausing and such… very very effective.

I understand why nobody else does it, though-- I did a few non-animated overlays on a couple videos of mine and it takes some time!

Try this website out.