Excess Yoyos For Sale

Broke my ipad today by leaving it too close to my desk while filming a yoyo trick tutorial, so now these yoyos must pay the price by getting banished to the shadow realm (BST). Tutorial can be seen in the TaW thread Trick-a-Week 2023 - #46 - Double or Nothing Rejection Combo - #1207 by mable

New ipad has been acquired :pray: Stuff remaining is still for sale though since they’re just gathering dust.

Prices are shipped in the US.

All yoyos have been played and have minor wear except for the Freyja which is mint, but all play flawlessly still

5A bundle - $40 - Replay Pro, Freyja, three chunkeez weights, one gummy weight, and one candy dice - Traded

Turning Point Hinetomosu pair - $220 - This is the titanium rim entangle - Sold

JPLS Loop Up pair - $60 - Comes with wrench and suction cup - Sold

Turning Point Big Bimetal - $80 - Sold

Japan Technology Shaqshine - $110 - Small scuff on rim, this is the Shaqshine with four total steel rings.


I should’ve made a reply earlier so edits wouldn’t bump this post oops

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very happy for u and ur new ipad :))))