FS: 3yo3 Limited Edition Crystal REALLY GOOD PRICE!

I have a colorful crystal 3yo3 with a very nice bearing! Trying to get money to fix my cracked IPod screen!
Retail Price: $85
Selling: $55 :smiley:

Very sorry about no picture on here, will add one tomorrow night! Message me for pics through my email!
If you want to recommend a price for buying the Yoyo, just shoot me a message and I’ll make a deal!

I also have a blue kendama. I have many strings too. I also have a lot of iPhone 4 and 4s cases and one of them is an orange Lifeproof. I also have many coins and .999 silver coins that are worth money. Tell me some things you’re interested in and I’ll see if I have anything! Text me at 207-416-5456 for a faster response, and my iMessage is not working so please send as a text message! Email me at emandupe14@gmail.com! Thanks so much!

Okay since you are new here you should read the rules about posting in the B/S/T before posting, since you do need to add pictures of what your selling :slight_smile:


It won’t let me put the pics on

Post pics before you get deleted. Here is how to post pics.


I really need a new yoyo and want to buy a bright colorful, cool yoyo to stand out. Help me! Please send me pics and prices!

Emandupe, please stop ignoring people’s messages. You still haven’t replied from yesterday.

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Check your messages. I sent you one.

You have any more?

I’m looking to buy a protostar yoyo in good condition!! PM me if you have any you would like to sell! And also looking for a grind machine yoyo if anyone has any either!!

I’ll give you my summit for the halo 3

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You need a flea market not a yoyo bst

Half the yoyo’s you listed on your subject title are traded. Please remove them because this can be very misleading to B/S/T 'ers.

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