FS: 3yo3 Limited Edition Crystal REALLY GOOD PRICE!

um I have a longshot and 2 recon cs 6’s 2 stampede somethings 3 small little ones and a barricade rv 10 and a decent bit of ammo

I have 2 stampedes and a little bit of ammo. PM me for info. Also a Vulcan and a lot more smaller ones.

Bump! Need to sell

Bump! Prices dropped!!!

Bump! Gone for a week and can not respond!

Bump! Last day! I’m gone for a week! Going to drop my prices when I get back home even more! Still PM me for an offer! Would love to have tons of offers when I get back!

How low you willing to go on that DV888? And can you pm me detailed pics please.

Bump! Going to add new yoyos!

Huge price drop! New yoyos added! Clyw! Bump

I have a mint orange proto star. I would sell for 30$

Going to add big yoyo and Bahama kendama tonight! also new pics of old yoyos! Bump

Making a new BST and SELLING ALL MY YOYOS FOR CHEAP! Quitting yoyoing! Also adding some on ebay

Looking for an iPod 5 big screen or nano touch! Will trade big yoyos for iPod 5 touch like new! My clyws!

Please help me guys! Need an iPod 5!!

Last day for looking for iPod 5!! I’ll be adding my yoyos to eBay for cheap!

Bump! North star added! Adding chico flyer today!

Bump! Prices are still low!

Last day to bid!!! Bump!

Bump! Want iPod 5! Will trade a lot for one! As close as mint as it can get please!

Hey guys I was wondering if anyone has an iPod touch 5th generation for trade? Sorry about changing any topics haha will trade a lot for it! Things like jawbone up band, silver coins, iPhone 4 and 4s cases, and more. Text me at 207-416-5456 or email me at emandupe14@gmail.com or message on here! Thanks and sorry!