LF: Yoyojam Sirius

I want to buy a yoyojam SURIUS, please contact me


I’ve got one I’m willing to part with.
It’s not mint but it is in good shape. I’ve removed the o-ring response and replaced it with flowable silicone. The plastic has the “classic” yo-yo Jam hybrid cracks radiating from the hub. 3 on each half. Pogs are in good shape. No major damage or issues. A small ding or 2 but nothing significant.
Not “dead smooth” or anything but not bad. You can feel a little vibe while playing. Not pulse vibe but it’s an old hybrid, so that should be expected. I have the original o-rings and the shims that came with it to adjust response. Bearing is a de-shielded and cleaned flat 8 ball which may or may not be the original.

Let me know if you’re interested. Make an offer as I really don’t know what it would sell for.

Enjoy the throw


Do you sell it for $70

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