Evolution of Response in the Duncan Freehand

I’ve always liked the Duncan Freehand, and have recently been curious about the the response in its various incarnations.

Below is the most basic info I have, but if anyone knows of any interesting pieces of info such as

  • types of stickers used in each

  • When changes were made from standard friction stickers to silicon stickers.

I’ll continue looking, myself, but would like confirmation of whatever I find from folks more knowledgeable than myself on this.

Just copy and add to the below, if you like. Thank you!

Original Freehand - friction sticker response (standard rubber); stickers are un-recessed

Freehand 2 - sticker response (standard rubber - the reference I have indicates that standard rubber FS’s are still used); stickers were not recessed, at first, but were recessed beginning in 2010.

FHZ - sticker response (I only see reference to regular friction stickers, not silicon); recessed.