Evil Yo get some color from MonkeyfingeR

And here we have it. The Evil Yo has some color. O-rang orange and Howler Black acid wash combo. She grinds like a dream. One step closer.



Wow, that’s amazing!

Hey, BTW, I still need that logo :slight_smile: I’ve been busy, so I didn’t ask for it again :slight_smile:

And, on a note, if you haven’t already blasted all of them, I’d recommend masking the seat and the seat wall, to keep string wear to a minimum :slight_smile:

Blasted? Looks like it is.
looks like a great grinder.

Wow, that’s looking awesome! If you decide to sell, I’ll have to keep my eye out for them :wink:

Acid Wash is the best, looks amazing.

blasted and acid washed these things grind like crazy i was actually surprised at how long they will ride it out!!

awesome. :wink: