Evil Yo being, well... Evil

Alright, so I had to unscrew my Evil Yo To get it out of one of my holders. I was about to screw it together and it doesn’t want to go, as the threads weren’t lined up. I screwed it together the right way and wound it up. When I go to throw it, it seems normal. Not however, when I grind. Now, there is a definite vibe when I grind. I took it apart and tried to take the bearing out. Wouldn’t budge. Now, this is weird because the bearing seat has always been tight enough to hold it secure, but you could get it with your fingers. I however, had to use pliers this time. I don’t know if that is the cause of the vibe or not, but I would prefer if it was nonexistent. Anyone have any thoughts?

weird. contact Monkeyfinger, they can probably get the issue resolved.

Popped the bearing in and out a few times. works well.