"Every Thing Must Go" sell/trade _ Great Deals _

“Every Thing Must Go” sell/trade.

If one yo-yo is sold it must be valued at $50 or more for me to ship. Or you can buy/trade multiple cheaper items that totals out around $50. Note no international sales/trades. I will only be shipping with in the United States Sorry you guys :-\ … Prices are negotiable as well as trades. I am willing to trade 2 or more yo-yos for 1 yo-yo.

Duncan Motropolis 1 flat spot $25
YYJ DarkStar 1 $20
YYJ Phenomizm mint $50 shipped
YYJ trigger mint $20
YYF 2012 Sever mint $40
YYF Super Wide near mint small scuffs $35
YYF Super G near mint small scuffs $70 shipped
YYA Shooter $40
C3 Yeah .laser engrave flaw no vibe $40
C3 Alpha Crash vibe $10
Yomega Raider modded to perfection for looping $20
OneDrop Rally little vibe can be fixed $40
OneDrop Code1 satin finish no vibe $70 shipped.

I am looking for… .

YYJ Quest
YYF h.o.t
Bad Decision
Man vs Bear2
YYF Proton
or a Summit
Artic circle
YYF 2013 Super Star
Irony JP
Diamond Back
C3 Mo-Vitation

Side note fool’s golds are acceptable as long as they minimum to no vide.

Just to name a few. I’m open to other yo-yos message me your offer and we will go from there.


I don’t mean to disturb, but the YYJ Darkstar you’re having for sale is in fact a Dark Magic.
Darkstar is by C3.